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Vaccine Propaganda Suffered A Glitch as Vaccinated Nurse Passes Out on TV

Big Pharma’s continuing relentless drive to vaccinate the entire planetary population, in full cooperation with the Corporate Media, Big Tech, the World Health Organization, and the majority portion of the medical community, can only be described as the worst of all the dark operations, which they have inflicted upon humanity at large. But Nature took its course and this happens…

A nurse who just got vaccinated was utilized right away as part of the widespread vaccine propaganda efforts, and within minutes into the production…

We can expect that the above video will be twisted with favorable narratives, e.g. this frontliner is so exhausted from her daily routine of helping people with COVID19 infection…, or scrubbed off from all established social media platforms, and all independent posts will be deleted from web search engines as well, so that those who are not actively seeking for the truth will never find it.

Corporatocracy continues to be in conflict with prevailing technologies, e.g. internet, and those that were successfully suppressed in at least the last 120 years like the Tesla electromagnetics and high voltage wireless energy broadcast, and healthcare systems.

We can do better than this, and we must continue the resistance and the pursuit of defeating the lies because there’s nothing left worthwhile to do at this point. They have systematically, brick by brick, locked down our capacity to live and survive as a civilized society.

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