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Our War Against the “Covidian Oppressor”, Some Tactical Observations

We’re in a long war. I’ve written about many aspects of the struggle in a variety of essays and articles, drawing primarily upon my own personal experiences. The war, so far as I can tell, is unique in its scope, stealth and breadth, and the prosecutors of this war upon the people of our Earth are ruthless, vicious, amoral and lawless.

Many of us who have been victims of specifically directed acts of hostility from the authorities who serve as henchmen for the Global Warlords — and here I am thinking of doctors and lawyers who have been subjected to professional strictures, complaints, have had to defend themselves in tribunals against charges that are ludicrously baseless — have nonetheless retained some measure of faith in the judicial system and in the fairness and common goodness of the System. There have been a few important victories, but for the most part the System has failed the cause of justice.

Much of our energy — we in the resistance — has gone into demonstrating the dangers of the various covid inoculations, and for the most part rightly so. The jabs are both unnecessary and dangerous. (In fact, I myself have authored a petition to ban all mRNA medical interventions in New Zealand.)

Yet notwithstanding these ‘shortcomings’, notwithstanding the turbo-cancers and strokes and myocarditis and deaths, the propaganda machine and the covid operation itself have been extraordinarily successful in persuading the many of the jabs’ necessity and safety. So successful has been the campaign, that a friend of mine who suffered a heart attack a week after his second Pfizer injection blithely ignored any possible connection between the jab and his cardiac event.

The evidence that has accrued about the deceptions and malfeasance involved in the production of the jabs, in their contents, and the morbidity and mortality associated with their use worldwide has been enormous; yet the ordinary Joe who continues to feed on mainstream media is neither aware of these data, nor interested.

Those of us who however are cognizant of the astounding breadth of the slow-motion genocide — and I use the word ‘genocide’ with care — are at our wits’ end. How can so many be so blind to what is so obvious?

Therefore we plod and push and prod, hoping for a game-changing bombshell to shake the masses from their ignorance and stupor, hoping for the smoking gun, or the snowball that will create the avalanche, or for a miracle. ‘If only we show them the real numbers of deaths and cancers and strokes and tics and paralyses and pain!’ So goes our hope, and with it the lion’s share of our strategic energies.

There are several problems.

First, there is the matter of differing batches and varying outcomes according to batch number of the jabs.

Second, there is the issue of complexity in medical causation.

It is notoriously difficult to demonstrate irrefutable causality in the domain of medicine — and our opponents know this quite well. If I, for example, as a psychiatrist had prescribed fluoxetine to a patient, and two weeks later that patient suffered a stroke, questions may be raised and inferences made, but no firm conclusion could be arrived at to implicate the antidepressant, especially if the patient in question had preexisting cardiovascular risk factors. And if untoward event occurs, there is always ‘long covid’ to blame, never you mind about anything else.

Third, those people who lined up for the jab may not be so keen to see that they have endangered their health, and their response to our presentations of danger will be to turn away from them, and turn their anger onto us for trying to foist such unpalatable facts upon their consciousness.

Fourth, as long as mainstream media maintain their stranglehold on vast swaths of the population, their message will be the accepted reality. An army of epidemiologists and statisticians and an array of graphs and charts presented by alternative media will not amount to a hill of beans.

While I do not believe that these problems are insuperable, I think we must temper our expectations of any sudden awakening. Truth will out, in the end, but it may take quite a while, and although we should continue our attempts to hold jab pushers — governments, health organizations and the like — to account, we must not fail to direct our attentions toward the other assaults — on our fundamental human rights, on our money, on our privacy, on our ability to travel, and so forth.

After all, the climate scam is simultaneously in full swing and carbon credit systems are already being planned to augment social credit programs. We are under attack from several fronts — control, surveillance, impoverishment, depopulation by several means, destruction of family and social ties — all pushing to obliterate any notion of individual autonomy and strong human connection with anything or anyone but the ruling One World Autocrats. The jab is but one of an array of potent weapons in their armamentarium.

The more fruitful tactic now is to engage the Other Side on issues of their personal freedom and trust in the Authorities, on the creeping measures that are being attempted to make us more and more subservient, on the sanctity of our bodies and souls, and on living a life that accepts risk and is not contorted by never-ending fear.

And if a whistle-blower should come to me with sensitive information to present, I would figure out a way to ensure that the data are both unimpeachable and transparently verifiable. I would insist that he or she seek legal protection and remain absolutely anonymous. I would work in silence until the time is right to show my hand. I would be patient, not expecting much, except to carry on.

It’s a long war.

Dr. Garcia is a Philadelphia-born psychoanalyst and psychiatrist who emigrated to New Zealand in 2006. He has authored articles ranging from explorations of psychoanalytic technique, the psychology of creativity in music (Mahler, Rachmaninoff, Scriabin, Delius), and politics. He is also a poet, novelist and theatrical director. He retired from psychiatric practice in 2021 after working in the public sector in New Zealand. Visit his substack at where this article was first published.

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