As an independent research and development outfit that directly addresses the real problems in the communities, we just released the best alternative option for vaccinations in the Philippines.

The technology is a product of at least 20 years of study and field testing, not just by us, but by several independent entities in the field of alternative and mainstream medicine.

If the Philippine government willfully ignores this non-invasive and non-biochemical technology, or that the present government continues to play Pontius Pilate with regards to the 834,000 victims of Dengvaxia mass inoculations, then we can conclude that it is playing along with the depopulation agenda of the UN global corporate government.

It is our firm belief that the most humane way of controlling the size of the population is to educate everyone of their responsibility towards the greater good of the entire society. Countless empirical evidence suggest that the more educated the person is, the lesser the size of his family, and the more he is capable of providing positive contribution to society at large.

The use of poisons to curtail population growth is the only recourse of grossly ignorant tyrants.

We are looking forward to the day when people assert their inherent rights to better technologies and science that will spur abundance and longevity for all!