Better than Vaccines and Chemotherapy

We are just beginning to understand the danger of using vaccines to “protect” our children from viral infections, and the negligent implementation of state immunization programs.

We cannot rectify the mistakes of the mass inoculation of at least 830,000 children in the Philippines with the same method that created the problem in the first place.

Simple logic would tell everyone that deliberately injecting a virus to protect ourselves from the same adversary is insanity of extreme proportion. Yet they still have the gall to call themselves “experts” of whatever they do. The use of biochemical modalities is simply not the best option to protect our children from all types of viruses that are in the wild, or are already here, today.

Our best option is to use electric current to neutralize every virus there is, known and unknown. Yes, we can do exactly that with the Virutron Pro AntiViral + CES device.

Virutron Pro AntiViral + CES

This device is primarily based on the proven and patented technology by Dr. Steven Kaali, as shown below. You can have your own copy of the US Patent 5188738 from the Google Patent repository.

The only difference is we’ve made a significant improvement by making the procedure non-invasive, so that all parents could administer the same treatment for themselves and on their children, in order to protect the entire family from Dengue and all other unknown types of viruses, microbes, bacteria, etc.

WARNING: Being the most potent anti-viral/anti-microbial protocol there is, the use of this device for blood electrification absolutely requires the end-user to drink generous amounts of water, at least 1 glass per 10 lbs. of body weight, daily to help in the removal of massive amounts of toxins arising from the high volume of neutralized parasites throughout the entire duration of your eTherapy.

You can control the amount of neutralized parasites by taking shorter treatment durations, e.g. 5 to 15 minutes per day. A suggested schedule is included in the User Manual.

Stop the blood electrification treatment immediately when signs of detoxification failure are present, e.g. headache, fever, jaundice, fatigue, or general malaise. When any of these occur, you’ll have more reason to continue the intake of generous amounts of water during this period. The failure to do so may result in an irreversible kidney, spleen and liver damage.

Understand that with this device, viral and parasitic neutralization is the easiest part, but we cannot do the detoxification for you. So, be responsible. You are now in full control of your own health.

Benefits and Advantages

If you look closely at the date that the patent was issued, i.e. February 23 1993, you’ll start to wonder why you haven’t heard of this discovery before.

Nevertheless, here are some of the advantages that the Virutron Pro Antiviral + CES offers:

  • This device allows the decisive neutralization of all viruses and microbes without invasive procedures, or surgery, and without using toxic chemical drugs;
  • If the detoxification protocol is strictly followed, the human blood will be freed from all types of viruses in 4 weeks of 30 minutes to 2 hours of daily treatment. This means that you can have your blood tested again in a month for verification;
  • Once all parasites are gone, more than 2,000 neuropeptides will start to regenerate, among them is interferon, which interferes the growth of cancer cells and restore the full functionality of the immune system.
  • Once the immune system is fully restored, it can start to rid the organs of their viral and microbial infections, which in turn allow the organs to restore the body’s stability through a process known as homeostasis.
  • When the body is stable and all systems are functioning normally, unfettered regeneration of healthy cells can occur to repair the damaged organs, and all other tissues, more efficiently.
  • The use of this device negates the need for knowing what specific virus our children is infected with. It neutralizes them all. This means that pre-diagnostic checkup is optional;
  • Virutron Pro can be switched on and off, without leaving toxic chemicals in the body;
  • Virutron Pro can be used anytime there is a threat of pandemic. This fact negates the use of vaccines for prior protection.
  • Virutron Pro is antiviral, anti-addiction and anti-depression in one device;
  • Virutron Pro has two independent channels which can be used to treat 2 users simultaneously;
  • All of the above is done without the possibility of any blood contamination from other users, a possibility when using a haemodialysis machine.

Aside from instantly neutralizing all viruses and parasites on contact, this device can also be used for cranial electrostimulation [CES] to prevent all withdrawal symptoms arising from quitting cigarette, drug rehabilitation, and also for treatment against depression.

We’ve been using this device for the last 9 years, and we haven’t visited the drugstore again.


With this device, viral neutralization is the easiest thing to do. But flushing out the neutralized viruses and parasites from the liver takes a great amount of effort on the user’s part.

You are required to drink 1 glass of water for every 10lbs. of body weight, daily. The failure to do so may lead to a catastrophic detoxification failure, which could damage the liver and kidneys permanently.

Obviously, we cannot do the detoxification for you. So, be responsible for your own sake.

How to buy

This is the only antiviral device you’ll ever need. The cost of operating this one is the amount you paid for charging a mobile Powerbank.

For technical specifications, package list, freebies and unit price, just click here.

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to ask by opening a support ticket from the top menu.

If interested, all Philippine buyers can pay through Paymaya, SmartMoney, and BDO accounts. Just open a support ticket and give us your shipping details. We will respond with the amount to pay in PHP currency and our payment accounts.

TIP #1: To lessen the burden of acquiring this device, you can organize a small group and share the cost among all the members. The same unit can be used by 8 members in a given day. So, the investment shared by each member will be reduced to 1/8 of the cost of the unit, which can be used for many years to come, or whenever there’s a threat of an epidemic. That’s a lot of savings, and least amount of frustration. Now, you have a full control of your family’s health!

TIP #2: The electrical nature of the treatment also opens up a lot of possibilities, one of which is to augment the household income by offering service to neighbors and friends for a fee, since its operation does not require the skills of a medical “expert.” You may do this once you gain enough confidence in its proper administration by using the device on yourself for at least 3 months, and if you are capable of enforcing a very strict detoxification protocol from your clients.

This is what a few of our American friends are doing now, like so:

“We have been using the cancer-buster for three weeks since delivery…. currently there are eight people (from 55 to 78 yrs) using it daily… following the guide lines outlined in the manual…. all is going very well…. my personal use has been steady for three weeks now using it 1 hour daily…. tremendous energy all day compared to just months ago…” – Poet Warrior, 18 June 2018 email

“As a group we are paying close attention to detox failures of course…. everyone is so very appreciative of the rebound of energy without any negative side effects and the economy of each session being just electricity…” – Poet Warrior, followup email on 22 June 2018