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Vaccines and Chemical Antibiotics are Obsolete

All over the world, there are hundreds of patents issued certifying the effective use of electric current to neutralize all types of microorganisms in the human body, food shelves, aquariums, etc.

Some of them are listed below.


Electrical apparatus for killing micro-organisms in the human body


An electrical oscillator circuit delivers high frequency oscillating current to a pair of hand-held electrodes for the purpose of killing harmful viruses, parasites and micro-organisms in the person’s body. In a preferred form of the invention, the oscillator circuit is powered by a D.C. power source that includes a conventional one hundred twenty volt A.C. outlet and an A.C.-D.C. convertor plugged into the outlet.

The device could also be solar powered.


Prevention of electrode fouling in high electric field systems for killing microorganisms in food products


Microorganisms are killed in a food product using an electrode placed into electrical contact with the food product, a charge supply circuit, a switch that selectively couples the charge supply circuit to the electrode, and a controller. The switch first configures the charge supply circuit so as to deliver a charge to the electrode when the switch assumes a first state, and next configures the charge supply circuit so as to absorb the charge from the electrode when the switch assumes a second state. As a result, a net charge delivered to the electrode is substantially zero. The controller controls the switch to sequentially assume the first and second states. The delivery of the zero net charge prevents the fouling of the electrode.


Therapy device

The present invention relates to a therapeutic device for the treatment of preferably human patients. In particular, the invention relates to a Zapper, wherein the two electrodes to a patient, an alternating current is supplied, which kills parasites, for example, in the body of the patient.


System and method applying electrical signal to treat pathogen and related disease


An apparatus is used for applying electrical field or electrical current to treat pathogens in a subject (e.g. mammal) or in any body fluid or synthetic fluid. The apparatus comprises at least one pair of conductive electrodes each of which connects to physically separated points on the body, or on a vessel containing body fluid or synthetic fluid, and at least one electrical signal generator circuitry which generates oscillatory signal of selected frequency, waveform, and voltage.

A system for treating a disease or improving the well-being of a subject by applying an oscillatory electrical signal for an effective amount of treating time, said system comprising: at least one pair of conductive electrodes, each of which is configured to contact physically separated points on said subject; and at least one electrical signal generator circuitry that generates said oscillatory electrical signal wherein said disease is caused by bacteria, virus, fungus, or parasites, wherein said electrical signal has a fixed frequency selected from the range of 4 -10000 Hz, wherein voltage difference between said electrodes is in the range of 7 -18 V.


Electronic frequency generator for treatment of the blood with low frequency pulses is configured to generate square-shaped pulses at specific frequency and specific maximum current amplitude


Electronic frequency generator for electrification of human blood has a circuit for generating pulses at a constant frequency of 3.9 Hz with an output voltage of 9 – 40 volts, a current strength of 40 mA and a pulse length of 5-30 ms, whereby the pulse amplitude shape is approximately square.


Blood flow controller

A method of treating tissue with a problem of reduced nutrient availability, comprising: selecting at least one blood vessel associated with a peripheral body tissue having a reduced nutrient availability; selecting a location adjacent said selected blood vessel; and electrifying said selected blood vessel from said location with an electric field that modifies blood flow associated with said tissue by directly acting on said blood vessel, wherein said tissue comprises peripheral body tissue.


Apparatus and method for bioelectric stimulation, healing acceleration, pain relief, or pathogen devitalization


An method and method for generating an electrical signal for use in biomedical applications, including two timing-interval generators, each optionally driving a multistep sequencer; analog, digital or hybrid means for combining the resulting timed signals into a complex electrical signal; optional filtering means for blocking direct current, removing selected frequency components from the resulting signal, and/or providing voltage step-up if needed; and conductive means for coupling the resulting signal to a human or animal body, food, beverage or other liquid, cell or tissue culture, or pharmaceutical material, in order to relieve pain, stimulate healing or growth, enhance the production of specific biochemicals, or devitalize selected types of organisms.


Implantable device and method for the electrical treatment of cancer


An implantable electrical method and apparatus for the treatment of cancer tumors based on the usage of various levels of electrical fields and current to assist in specific ways to reduce tumor size.

A promising approach that is little known but which has been successfully applied in Sweden, China, Germany, and Japan involves the electrical stimulation of a malignant tumor using direct current electricity. This has become known as electrochemical treatment (ECT). The clinical results have been obtained by applying electrical current via electrodes inserted percutaneously into the tumor. The treatment lasts for several hours during one or more sessions and can be used either alone or in conjunction with other therapy such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy. The therapy is well-tolerated in almost all patients.

The present invention overcomes some of the disadvantages of the ECT method mentioned above. It involves an implantable device consisting of a generator and one or more wires containing one or more electrodes. The electrodes are implanted in or near the tumor and the generator is implanted subcutaneously as close to the tumor as practical. The generator is powered either by an internal battery or via energy coupled to it from a source external to the body. The implantation is typically performed under local anesthesia and the device is left implanted for a period of months. Implantation permits electric current to be applied at lower levels for longer time periods, thus overcoming some of the drawbacks of the method above.

… A method of treating solid tumor cancers comprising the steps of: (1) implanting at least one electrode into or near a tumor, (2) implanting a source of electrical power, (3) connecting the electrode to the source of electrical power and (4) delivering electrical current into the tumor.

More than A Century of eTherapy Suppression

There are many more patents granted and new applications being considered and listed above, which should make all biochemical approaches obsolete. Obviously, we cannot show them all here for lack of space. But we have shown you the proverbial door by using “blood electrification” keyphrase at, which is openly available to the public. It’s all up to you now to enter and explore the liberating world of electrotherapy.

The phenomenon has gone on since the discovery of electricity itself, hundreds of years ago. In fact, the use of electrical current of curing diseases started with the use of electric eel, and even preceded the invention of the light bulb by Nikola Tesla, long before he went inside Thomas Edison’s workshop,  which officially ended the latter’s pursuit for “a better filament wire.”

If Thomas Edison had a needle to find in a haystack, he would not stop to reason where it was most likely to be, but would proceed at once with the feverish diligence of a bee, to examine straw after straw until he found the object of his search… Just a little theory and calculation would have saved him ninety percent of his labor…

“I don’t care that they stole my idea . . I care that they don’t have any of their own.  – Nikola Tesla

The real genius in the electrical world is Tesla. He gave us the AC power generation, distribution and utilization system through the AC polyphase motors and lighting appliances that are still in use today, all without further design modification, which gave rise to the Second Industrial Revolution. But we never heard of him and all of the above medical inventions, until the internet came along.

Nikola Tesla holding his wireless lamp to demonstrate wireless power that cannot be metered by any industrial moguls of his day.

Tesla went further with his AC power system and introduced the wireless broadcast of power and information, so that no one will ever live in darkness, literally or otherwise. That’s when John Pierpont Morgan ceased his financial support to the man who was so far ahead of his time. But Tesla is here to stay in the 21st Century and beyond.

All that was great in the past was ridiculed, condemned, combated, suppressed — only to emerge all the more powerfully, all the more triumphantly from the struggle. – Nikola Tesla

In the realm of electromedicine, he gave us the Violet Ray in 1893, which later became a hit under different manufacturers in the early 1900s.  Soon thereafter, the FDA filed multiple lawsuits against all of them until not one of the manufacturers was left by 1950s.

Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine. – Nikola Tesla

In short, a select few in our society are not ready for the real change to occur and they owned the broadcast networks and print media that have brainwashed multiple generations to keep us enslaved to the notion that there is nothing better than toxic drugs, radioactive diagnostics and invasive treatments. It was true then, as it is true now with COVID-19 plandemic.

The engineered viruses springing out of the UN-WHO commissioned laboratories, i.e. AIDS-HIV, Ebola, and the mass immunization of Africans, which dawned the age of AIDS and cancer, in the 1960s.

Deliberate Spreading of Viral Diseases in the Guise of “Sustainability” through Depopulation

In the aftermath of the release of the virus-tainted Hepatitis B vaccines in the 1970s, cancer and AIDS exploded since then.

But in 1990, an application was submitted by Dr. Steven Kaali, et al, of an electrical method of cleansing the blood of its parasites, viruses, pathogens, fungus, etc. A US patent was consequently issued in his favor 2 years later, only to be suppressed once again.

Except for Tesla’s Violet Ray device, most of the electromedical inventions of the medical practitioners, as shown above, share the same invasive characteristics as conventional medicine, and to be administered only as an adjunct to chemotherapy treatments.

Overcoming Institutional Suppression

Virutron Pro Antiviral + CES Device

Today, we are manufacturing these eTherapy devices that with the right treatment electrodes can cover all electromedical protocols NON-INVASIVELY. The use of electric current to prevent and treat viral infections should not be a half-baked approach, but should be a full release requiring no aftersale exploitation.

All radioactive diagnostics, and the administration of deadly biochemical protocols can be avoided and bypassed, knowing that all parasites cannot withstand the strength of an appropriate electrical pressure. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this device could help your body cure itself from any disease that it is now suffering from.

This is a far safer modality than the grossly expensive chemotherapy and haemodialysis treatments for cancer and HIV. The total elimination of all parasites and viruses in the blood fully restores the immune system that may lead to full remission in as short as 3 months!

Electric current is the only effective antidote to the onslaught of drug resistant Superbugs that are already hugging the headlines today.

If a device can neutralize all types of viruses on demand, for what do we need vaccines for?

9 thoughts on “Vaccines and Chemical Antibiotics are Obsolete

  1. Hello,I was wondering if this device is good for spinal injuries, my friend has been rear ended in a car accident and has had severe whiplash,as a result she is most of the time in pain and has irritable bowel syndrome also because of her injury.She is 46 years of age and was an athlete for many years.Just to be rid of her pain would be awesome.

    Thank you

    1. Thank you very much for your interest in this device.

      If there’s injury, then there’s a possibility of an infection. This device can deal with the infections and help in the recovery of the injury. What it can’t do is rectify any dislocation of the bone parts.

      Nevertheless, the blood treatment will greatly help in the reduction of pain caused by infections. The CES function for pain relief could also be of great help in that area.

  2. Can you indicate how the device is used? How are the electrodes connected to the body? Is there a small video to demonstrate how the Virutron is used?

    1. It will be done non-invasively, Jan.

      The User Manual is extensive enough to show you how to provide a non-invasive delivery of the precise electrical signal for treatment.

      Thank you very much for the interest in our device.

  3. Does etherapy treat Diabetes Type 1? In today’s conventional medicine they have no cure.
    Please advise

    1. The device neutralizes all types of parasites flowing with the bloodstream. The purpose is to tip off the balance in favor of the autoimmune system. When that happens, the autoimmune system itself will combat all organ level infections, including those in the pancreas.

      A colony of worms in the pancreas disables its ability to produce insulin and bicarbonates. When the pancreas is freed from its own infections, there should be no reason for diabetes to persist.

      This device won’t cure any illnesses directly, but it can help eliminate one root cause of why we are suffering, i.e. parasitic infections. The other cause is chemical intoxication, and this can be addressed simply through water dilution. The more water you take, the more toxic chemicals your body can rid itself of.

      To put it simply, since the electrical signal does not discriminate any type of parasitic infection, which should insure the full restoration of the autoimmune system of the body, we can logically claim that all parasitic infections can be dealt with decisively through this treatment, and that’s how we can help the body cure itself decisively from most ailments.

      So far, we haven’t received any request for refunds, or comments that our claim is defective, yet.

      Thank you very much for the interest on our product.

  4. How much is virutron and how can i order

    1. Hi Eric:

      Thank you for the inquiry.

      Here’s the link to the Virutron Antiviral System:

      You can use your ATM / Debit card to pay for the Virutron Antiviral System.

      We do not usually monitor the comments section for purchase inquiry. So, kindly use the Support page for your next question for faster response and privacy.

      Best regards,

      Virutron Support

  5. the ebook links don’t seem to be working, I would like to learn more before purchasing

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