Order Shipment Advisory

June 2022 Update: We’ve relocated much closer to an international airport so that your order is delivered within a week from date of purchase.

June 2021 Update: The shipment of orders has return to its normal schedule for the last 5 months. This means that you should receive your parcel within 15 days from the date of purchase. Thank you very much for your support.

Previous Advisories:


We just received the information from our Premium Courier that we can ship out starting today, 19 March 2020. But we should expect some delays along the way due to the ongoing government-imposed preemptive quarantine.

We will provide the tracking number, as soon as it is available.

What SHIPMENT ON HOLD tracking status means?

“SHIPMENT ON HOLD: The shipment is awaiting the next scheduled movement; The shipment will be processed in the next available movement.”

The couriers have resorted to pooling all of their outbound parcels together in order to maximize the cost of every flight in the absence of passengers on-board.

The city where we are based is implementing a preemptive community quarantine to prevent the entry of people with COVID-19. There are no known cases of COVID19 infection yet, but the government has decided to not risk it.

Of course, as far as we are concerned, pandemics have never been an issue since 2009, but these people in authority are either ignorant of the practical solutions to the problem, or just relying solely on the primary authority on this type of emergency, i.e. Department of Health, as per the legal limitation of their own political authority.

We have submitted this technology to the DOH’s Regional Branch, a long time ago. But the upper echelon of the department continues to ignore it. We may resubmit this to the incumbent leadership, and it would be interesting to see his reaction. But we’re not holding our breath just the same.

That’s the reason why we need to be more proactive in solving our real-world problems because the technological ignorance that is replete throughout the entire structure of governments worldwide is self-sustaining by design.

Due to this government-imposed preemptive quarantine, no means of travel is coming in and out of the cities, including the one where we are located. Only the shipping of cargoes are being allowed, the reduction of which is what compounds the delay of shipment of your order due to the need to maximize every plane trip loading.

The estimated duration of the preemptive community quarantine is 14 days (from 17March2020 UTC+8), subject to real-time evaluations along the way. During this period, we will still attempt to ship out your order at the first opportunity.

Thank you very much for your understanding and patience. For inquiries, please use the Support page on this website.

Virutron Logistics Team