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Vaccine Adjuvants Have Increased Autoimmune Disease

Despite Big Pharma’s attempts at slandering science that sheds light on the toxic reality of vaccine ingredients and their potential to cause harm, scientists around the world have continued to study vaccine adjuvants and their relationship to autoimmune disease.

Immunologists from Israel have recently confirmed what past research has long suggested: Vaccine-induced disease is an increasingly common, yet unrecognized, phenomenon — and vaccine adjuvants like aluminum are indeed a threat to human health. In spite of these risks, the vaccine industry and their puppets are doing everything to promote their “safe and effective” vaccine propaganda.

Back in 2011, leading immunologist Yehuda Shoenfeld established the idea of  Autoimmune Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants, or “ASIA” for short. A recently published review of current research has confirmed Shoenfeld’s initial hypothesis, and the team of Israeli scientists have pinpointed a key suspect in the onset of vaccine-induced illness: Aluminum.

Vaccine adjuvants and autoimmune disease

A team of scientists from Zabludowicz Center for Autoimmune Diseases in Tel-Hashomer, Israel, set out to take a deeper look at Shoenfeld’s hypothesis.

Vaccines and autoimmunity are linked fields,” the reviewers state of their data. Autoimmunity caused by vaccines, they say, can be severe, and even fatal.

Current research and case studies were reviewed by the team. The ASIA model ultimately explains that adverse vaccine reactions have been occurring since the practice began — and that the adjuvants used to stoke the immune system into action are a major vector for disease. Indeed, in some individuals, adjuvants can set off a wave of immune system reactions that culminates in the onset of any number of autoimmune diseases.

The team points to aluminum as one of the biggest threats found in inoculations.

Aluminum compounds persist for up to 8-11 years post vaccination in the human body,” the scientists write.

“This fact, combined with repeated exposure may account for a hyper activation of the immune system and subsequent chronic inflammation,” the team adds.

Aluminum is toxic

Overall, the researchers identified three risks associated with aluminum. As CMSRI reports:

The paper identifies three documented risks associated with the most common vaccine adjuvant, the metal aluminum: 1) it persists in the body for years; 2) it can “trigger pathological immune responses” and 3) it can “pass through the [blood brain barrier] BBB into the [central nervous system] CNS where it can trigger immune-inflammatory processes, resulting in brain inflammation and long-term neural dysfunction.”

The immunologists add that in experimental models, vaccines have been shown to encourage the production of “autoantibodies,” which are immune cells that target the body’s own cells, rather than pathogens or other invaders. The scientists explain that the presence of autoantibodies can precede the onset of full-blown autoimmune disease by several years.

In other words, vaccines likely start making people sick years before a disease actually manifests.

Autoimmunity is not the only problem linked to aluminum; the metal has been associated with numerous health issues over the years. Recent research showed that aluminum in vaccines was a likely culprit in the rise of autism, for example. More, science has continually shown that exposure to aluminum can cause damage to the brain, as well as the entire nervous system.

And it’s not just vaccines: Research has shown that consuming water contaminated with aluminum can increase the risk of dementia substantially. If just drinking aluminum is enough to cause brain damage, injecting into your veins surely can’t be a good idea.

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