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Banned Gardasil will be injected to 78,000 Schoolgirls in WV Philippines

Following the highly successful genocidal Dengvaxia mass vaccinations in 2016, which victimized at least 830,000 schoolchildren, the Department of Health under Sec. Francisco Duque is scheduled to “immunize” 78,000 Grade 4 girls in Western Visayas, Philippines.

78k Grade 4 girls in West Visayas get HPV vaccine

Posted September 23, 2018 at 06:55 pm by  Manila Standard

A total of 78,981 Grade 4 girls from public elementary schools in Western Visayas will avail of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination as part of the free immunization to be provided by the Department of Health for school year 2018-2019.

HPV vaccination, which helps prevent cervical cancer and HPV-related diseases, is given to girls between 9 and 13 years old as part of the school-based health related services launched by the DOH together with the Department of Education and Department of the Interior and Local Government at the Rodolfo A. Medel Sr. Elementary School in Bacolod City.

The first dose of quadrivalent HPV vaccines, which help protect against four strains of HPV, was administered last July this year, while the second dose will be given in February next year.

Dr. Renilyn Reyes, head of DOH-Western Visayas Family Health and Nutrition Cluster, said that previously, the HPV immunization was implemented as a community-based program, but the coverage was low because of the challenge to find the girls aged 9 to 10 in their communities.

Through school-based immunization, the DOH expects to reach more adolescents for HPV vaccination.

“We collaborated with the DepEd and decided to add the HPV vaccine to the immunization services in schools. We expect the HPV immunization rate to increase because the Grade 4pupils can already be immunized together,” Reyes added.

Recent statistics show that cervical cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related mortality among Filipino women. Cervical cancer is one of the only two vaccine-preventable cancers, she said.

Reyes pointed out that the adolescent age of 9 to 13 years old is the most crucial in the prevention of cervical cancer among females since they just need two doses compared to three doses required for older females.

“This makes it more cost-efficient for the government to provide HPV immunization for girls at this age,” she said.

Dr. Rosalie De Ocampo, medical coordinator of National Immunization Program of Bacolod City Health Office, said parents whose daughters will avail of HPV vaccination can save P12,000 since each dose costs P6,000 in private medical clinics.

“[We tell] the parents you get a bonus from our government indirectly. You may not receive cash, but you receive the services which will give protection to your own child,” Ocampo added.

Among the mothers whose daughters availed of the first dose of HPV vaccination during the launching program in Bacolod were Amela Etabag and Emily Canincia.

“I want my child to be immunized against HPV now so when she grows up, she may avoid having cervical cancer. We are thankful to the DOH for bringing their services to this school,” said Etabag, whose daughter Patrisya Amihan, 9, is a Grade 4 pupil at Medel Sr. Elementary.

Etabag added that she was convinced to have her daughter immunized for HPV after she learned that their 54-year-old neighbor died of cervical cancer.

“Each dose costs P6,000. This is so expensive in private clinics that’s why I call on the parents to have their daughters immunized for them to have a bright future,” she said.

Canincia said her nine-year-old daughter Karlyn Joy, also a Grade 4 pupil at Medel Sr. Elementary, has been willing to be immunized against HPV when she asked her about it.

“I am thankful that my daughter is able to avail of free HPV vaccination,” she said.

Indeed, the mainstream “healthcare” system is capitalizing on the ignorance of most parents and the fact that nobody will ever know whether it was the immune system that prevented cervical cancer, or not.

It is important to know that even one of those who pushed for the approval of Gardasil is condemning the effectiveness and safety records of Gardasil.

One of these revelations comes from Dr. Dianne Harper, one of a select few specialists in OB/GYN (in the world) who helped design and carry out the Phase II and Phase III safety and effectiveness studies to get Gardasil approved. There are only 50 HPV experts in the world, and Dr. Harper is one of them, inarguably making her an expert on the subject.

Since Harper’s involvement in getting Gardasil approved, she has condemned the vaccine, stating that it is neither safe nor effective. She has mentioned that the tested length of the efficacy of the vaccines in preventing HPV infection is not long enough to prevent cervical cancer, which, as she states, can take decades to develop. She has also stated that vaccination will not decrease the number of cervical cancer cases, but a routine of regular pap smears will.

Of all the women who get an HPV infection, approximately 70 percent of those will clear that infection all by themselves in the first year. You don’t even have to detect it or treat it. Within two years, approximately 90 percent of those women will clear it all by themselves. By three years, you will have 10 percent of that original group of women left who still have an HPV infection, and 5 percent of this 10 percent will have progressed into a pre-cancerous lesion. So, “now you have that small group of women who have pre-cancerous lesions and now let’s look at that moving into invasive carcinoma. What we know then is that amongst women with. . . [pre-cancerous] lesions. . . it takes five years for about twenty percent of them to become invasive carcinomas. That’s a pretty slow process. It takes about thirty years for forty percent of them to become invasive cervical carcinomas.” (source)

This begs the question, why do nine-year old girls need vaccinations for symptomless venereal diseases that their immune systems kill anyway?

Harper has told CBS that these vaccines are essentially useless, explaining that “the benefit to public health is nothing, there is no reduction in cervical cancers, they are just postponed, unless the protection lasts for at least 15 years, and over 70% of all sexually active females of all ages are vaccinated.”

She also goes on to caution of their dangers:

Parents and women must know that deaths occurred. Not all deaths that have been reported were represented in Dr. Slade’s work, one-third of the death reports were unavailable to the CDC, leaving the parents of the deceased teenagers in despair that the CDC is ignoring the very rare but real occurrences that need not have happened if parents were given information stating that there are real, but small risks of death surrounding the administration of Gardasil.

“It is a vaccine that’s been highly marketed, the benefits are over-hyped, and the dangers are underestimated.” – Dr. Chris Shaw, Professor at the University of British Columbia, in the department of Neuroscience, Ophthalmology, and Visual Sciences (Taken from the One More Girl documentary)

“When one looks at the independent literature, so studies which are not sponsored by the vaccine manufacturers, so with relation to Gardasil there have been several reports documenting multiple sclerosis and encephalitis, which is brain inflammation, in girls who have received their Gardasil vaccine. So just because a study sponsored by the manufacturers does not identify problems with the vaccine does not necessarily mean that the vaccine is safe. In fact if one looks at the manufacturer studies, they’re often not designed to detect serious adverse events. There was a study done by a group of researchers sponsored by Glaxo Smith and Kline and they were looking at Cervarix, which is another HPV vaccine, and the authors acknowledged that none of the studies that they evaluated have been designed to detect autoimmune diseases. So obviously, you’re not going to find what you’re not looking for. And in spite of these obvious flaws, they concluded that there is no evidence that Cervarix is associated with increased risk for autoimmune diseases, and this is absurd because you haven’t looked for it, the study has not been designed to detect autoimmune diseases.” – – Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic, PhD, Post-doctoral Fellow at the University of British Columbia, where she works in Neurosciences and the Department of Medicine (source)

Here’s what one mother shared to us about HPV vaccination:

This video is captioned with:

Published on Jul 9, 2015

This was a very hard video to post, my 12 yr old daughter was fine before her vaccine, now this is her life.

We live in New Zealand and I thought our healthcare system was ok, we have been left to deal with this ourselves. I’m showing this because I want people to know what damage this vaccine can and does cause.

Please research before deciding. I didn’t 🙁 sorry the audio wasn’t the best, what I’m saying is:

“I’ve just carried Briar out of the bath as her legs keep collapsing, this is the amount of pain she is in after pain killers, that her pain feels like a ‘big knife’ in her legs, just over a year ago she could do all this, have a bath, play sport, just basically have a life, then the HPV vaccine happened and she can’t do a thing,

This is her life and this is the part nobody sees. I didn’t want to cause her more pain but I wanted to show what her life is now.”

Thank you everyone for your support and advice, we will be starting I.v vit c shortly and I will keep you updated xxx

Please feel free to leave comments, please also remember that I am just human, I made the decision to give her all 3 vaccines, based on my Drs telling me it was the best thing for her, I did not (at the time) even consider it was hpv vaccine that was causing her pain,

It wasn’t until I was able to take a step back and look at all the reasons for her decline in health.

Of course I feel guilty, who wouldn’t?!

But this can no long be on just my shoulders. We all make the best decisions we can at the time with the information we have in front of us.

Thank you to all those who have supported us! It really has been so positive from this horrible situation.

Once again thank you xx I have created a Facebook page for anyone that would like to follow Briar’s journey.…

Last February 20th, the mother posted this update on her page:

“I just thought I’d share the some more info around Briar’s health issues from Gardasil….

Within 15min of having first HPV vaccine, Briar went pale white, dizzy, nauseous, eyes rolling back into her head and afterwards, told me she felt “screaming in her head”,

the nausea and headache continued and I checked in with the dr who told me “this was normal and she would get better” she did not get better,

I brought this up at the second appointment, which was only 3 and a half weeks after first vaccine, I was told that she must have had a bug.

So, as sick as it makes me feel now, we went through with the second vaccine. Briar had a similar reaction to the first but not as extreme.

She started complaining more of feeling sick, headaches, tiredness that never got better after sleeping and she started complaining of sore legs, the right more than the other.

Briar at this time had been playing a lot of sport, had been working really hard at netball, so I assumed that her leg pain was from that. At that time I didn’t connect the dots, as I believed 100% that my dr was doing the best for us, I trusted them.

Briar’s leg pain got worse and worse over a couple of weeks after the second vaccine, she got up one morning and collapsed in pain as she could not put any weight on it, at this time I had never seen her in so much pain in her short life.

Her leg was purple, cold, painful and she had lost all the muscle in it. She was diagnosed with CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome)

In late November 2014 we went back for the third and final vaccine, God I have beaten myself up for the choices I made then, the trust I put into the medical staff to do the best for my child.
Within weeks of the third vaccine, her whole body had shut down like her leg did months before.

I watched my happy, sporty, funny, active, caring baby turn into an old lady who was on her death bed, her body went cold and purple, she couldn’t eat, she lost 7kgs (she was around 35kgs to start off with) her eyes sunk in, she developed crushing chest pain, I couldn’t touch her as she would scream in pain.

I almost lost my child because of a decision I made, I trusted what I was told, I did not research.

My baby will live with my decision for the rest of her life, and I will live with my guilt forever too.”

We continue to wonder why governments are still subjecting their population to useless and even highly dangerous biochemical concoctions that destroy the integrity of the immune system, instead of enhancing it.

Are they willingly participating in the efforts to reduce the global population?

Vaccines are rendered obsolete due to a number of patents certifying the effective use of electrical signal to neutralize any known and unknown virus, and all types of parasites in the bloodstream and elsewhere in the body. So, why aren’t they using these logical treatments instead?

Are they all that stupid?

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