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Six Dead from Pfizer Trials: Shares Down, Pfizer CEO Makes a Killing

There is a good old Russian word “yerunda” which I’ve started using instead of “nonsense” and “bullshit” to describe the scaremongering COVID-19 narrative blasted at us from morning to night, not because it says anything different but because it gives me an extra synonym in my arsenal in fighting the nonsensical war waged upon us by super-rich controllers of world economic systems.

Keep watching the BBC, and other mainstream channels alone, and you will never know what’s going on in the world. Remember when the buzz-phrase “herd immunity” was all the rage? Remember when it was Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock’s early remedy for COVID-19? Now we’ve all got herd immunity you don’t hear the phrase any more.

Instead, those stupid enough to be tested, may very well test positive because of exposure (herd immunity) and add to the “alarming” figures as presented by the UK government to get people locked down, and vaccinated with the Pfizer BioNTech witches’ brew concoction which has already killed six people in US trials. Two died from the vaccine, four from the placebo. This prompts the question: what is in the placebo? Pfizer BioNTech have not even revealed what is in the vaccine.

Yesterday BioNTech shares were down more than 4% at the close. Pfizer shares were down by nearly 2%. Less than a month ago the CEO of Pfizer, Albert Bourla, dumped 60% of his shares in Pfizer at its highest trading point, denying insider trading while praising the vaccine. Do you think he knows what’s coming?

As well as herd immunity another item we hear little of these days is COVID-19 deaths. That is because nobody is dying from the virus. Now, because of herd immunity, people who die, only need to have been tested positive for the virus, to be recorded as COVID-19 deaths, whatever they actually died from, regardless of what caused their admission to hospital. I covered that topic here.

So there you have it in a nutshell. There is no pandemic. The spin-doctor, Matt Hancock, is more like a witch-doctor. He will spin a story one way, as with herd immunity, then another way, to lock you down eternally, to get you all vaccinated with an experimental vaccine for a virus that long since left the building. No wonder I call this yerunda out for what it is.

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