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Yellow Fever Jab Instantly Kills Cancer Expert

An esteemed cancer expert died suddenly after injecting himself a yellow fever vaccine. Yes, you read it right. Professor Martin Gore died from his own method and his own belief that his profession was right all along about mass vaccinations.

DailyMail reports,

“An esteemed cancer expert has died suddenly after getting a yellow fever jab.

Professor Martin Gore, 67, who was described as an “inspiration” by the Duke of Cambridge, died on Thursday morning, the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust said.

Royal Marsden, where Prof Gore had worked for more than 30 years, said his loss would be “immense”.

Travellers to sub-Saharan Africa, most of South America, parts of Central America and the Caribbean are told to get the vaccine, which provides lifelong protection from the mosquito-borne infection.

But it is not always recommended for certain groups of people, including the over 60s.

Serious side effects, affecting the brain or other organs, occur fewer than ten times for every million doses of the vaccine, the NHS says.

Professor Martin Gore proudly showcasing his Maltese Cross, 2016.

Prof Gore was a professor of cancer at the Institute of Cancer Research and a former medical director at the Royal Marsden.

He was made a CBE in the Queen’s birthday honours in 2016 for services to oncology.

The Duke of Cambridge, as president of the Royal Marsden, presented him with a lifetime achievement award in 2015.

He said: “I’ve found Martin a source of inspiration – his infectious enthusiasm and passion for his work, and his obvious compassion and kindness for his patients, their family and friends, reinforces my knowledge that the Royal Marsden is a truly special place.

“He’s one of the pioneers of 20th century cancer care, and a friend, colleague and trusted doctor to many.”

A spokeswoman for Royal Marsden said they would not be commenting on the cause of Prof Gore’s death.

Why would they comment on the cause of his death?

Pharmaceuticals is one big business comparable only to the arms industry, its twin agency of genocide.

Yellow Fever YF-Vax manufactured by Sanofi Pasteur [a 17D strain of yellow fever vaccine], has at its packaging insert saying:

“In no instance should infants less than 9 months of age receive yellow fever vaccine, because of the risk of encephalitis (see CONTRAINDICATIONS and ADVERSE REACTIONS sections).”

As with any vaccine, vaccination with YF-VAX vaccine may not protect 100% of individuals (see CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY section).

For concomitant administration with other vaccines see PRECAUTIONS section, Drug Interactions subsection.

Under Contraindications, we find this:


Yellow fever vaccines must be considered as a possible, but rare, cause of vaccine associated viscerotropic disease (2) (previously described as multiple organ system failure), (2) (26) that is similar to fulminant yellow fever caused by wild-type yellow fever virus. Available evidence suggests that the occurrence of this syndrome may depend upon the presence of undefined host factors, rather than intrinsic virulence of the yellow fever strain 17D vaccine viruses isolated from subjects with vaccine-associated viscerotropic disease. (26) (27) (28) (29) (See ADVERSE REACTIONS section.)

Vaccine-associated neurotropic disease (2), previously described as post-vaccinal encephalitis (1), is a known rare adverse event associated with yellow fever vaccination. Age less than 9 months and immunosuppression are known risk factors for this adverse event. (See CONTRAINDICATIONS and ADVERSE REACTIONS sections.)

Now, Professor Martin Gore is not around anymore to learn that he was wrong all along.

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