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Parents of Hospitalized Schoolchildren are Shooting Gov’t “Vaccinators” in Pakistan

It did not take that long. In just a few days after hundreds of schoolchildren were hospitalized in the aftermath of the mass polio vaccinations in Pakistan, some parents decided to start shooting the polio workers, or the “vaccinators” in a fit of rage against the program that they don’t fully agreed to.

ISLAMABAD — Two gunmen on motorcycle shot and killed a polio vaccinator in the southwestern Pakistani city of Chaman on Thursday, bringing the death toll among vaccinators working in the country’s anti-polio drive to at least three this week, officials said.

The shooters opened fire on a group of vaccinators when they were at the front gate of a house in the remote village of Sultan Zai, near the border with Afghanistan, said Samiullah Agha, who is the assistant commissioner of Chaman.

Two members of the vaccination team were hit: Nasreen Bibi, 35, was killed, and Rashida Afzal, 24, was critically wounded, Mr. Agha said in an interview. Vaccination was suspended for an indeterminate period of time in the Chaman area after the shooting.

“The gunmen fled after the attack,” Mr. Agha added. “Security forces have launched a search operation in the area.”

Polio vaccination teams have suffered several attacks since a countrywide vaccination drive began on April 23. Polio workers, volunteers and their guards are frequently targeted in the South Asian country. Islamist militants and hard-line clerics say the vaccination drive is a foreign plot to sterilize Muslim children and a cover for western spies.

Relatives sitting beside the body of Nasreen Bibi, 35, a polio vaccinator who was shot and killed during a campaign to eradicate the disease. Credit Reuters

“These are unfortunate incidents,” said Babar Atta, who is the special adviser on polio to Imran Khan, Pakistan’s prime minister. “We have increased the security of vaccination teams across the country and are determined to end this crippling disease in Pakistan.”

Hayat Khan, a resident of a tribal area bordering Afghanistan who runs a shop, said he is skeptical of the polio vaccine. Neither he nor his parents have taken the vaccine, which can be delivered orally as drops, and they are living a healthy life, he said.

“We have doubts in our minds about this western vaccine,” he said. “Tribal people are not sure what they are giving to our children and what information they are collecting for spying. It’s a Western agenda, indeed.”

… Two days ago, in separate events, two police officers who were protecting polio vaccination teams were shot and killed in the northern districts of Buner and Bannu. And a polio worker was injured in a knife attack this week in the eastern city of Lahore.

Sitara Ayaz, a senator, said the perpetrators were “humiliating Pakistan internationally.” – Haroon Janjua, NYT, April 25, 2019

While these events are all undesirable, we can console ourselves knowing that the people around the world are waking up to the deadly deceptions perpetrated by genocidalists and eugenicists, who formulated a long time ago this sinister program of spreading diseases by whatever means, just to thin the herd to a more manageable level of 500 million, in spite of the fact that the carrying capacity of the planet is estimated at 100 billion maximum.

Overpopulation is only happening in urban centers where jobs opportunities are available for the slaves to compete with.

According to the World Health Organization, Pakistan is one of three countries that have not stopped the transmission of the polio virus.

The WHO’s record in the arena of vaccination is indeed noteworthy considering that after its Hepatitis B mass vaccinations in Africa, it has resulted in the spread of HIV virus worldwide starting in the 1970s.

They’re doing it again with the “spread of measles” to provide the pretext for mandated vaccination against every child around the globe.

They can do this because most of our leaders are ignoring the best approaches to managing resources towards a saner and more advanced society, which is economic progress through land distribution for all, and the employment of the best technology, not just in the area of power generation, but also in the eradication of all types of viral infections.

6 thoughts on “Parents of Hospitalized Schoolchildren are Shooting Gov’t “Vaccinators” in Pakistan

  1. Understandably the Pakistani mistrust everything that comes from the west. There ain’t much good coming from the west, is it? It is a pity that Bill Gates was not there … Then they might have given him a shot of his own vaccine …. Something he really deserves.
    One thing we can learn from the Pakistani and that is coming in action immediately when people are dying …
    No long meetings and investigating reports that last four years.
    Not so surprising after GMO experiences in India.

    When do Westerners come in action against an elite who rather have them dead than alive …

  2. Let them stay in the Dark Ages with all of their ignorance and fear but be sure and close off their border to the rest of the world so they will not spread the disease to other countries.

    1. Clean water and sanitary sewage systems have done more to eradicate disease than all the vaccines combined and without harming anyone.

      1. Truth.

  3. Instead of guns killing off the population, they are using vaccines. Black box program for population reduction.

  4. There is no way that this thinning-out of the herd is actually driven by eugenic intentions, as those behind it want a new interbred race of people who are deliberately reduced in mental capacity, as verifiably actually stated by Count Coudenhove Kalergi, an interbred race that is intended not to possess improved mental faculties as would be the intention of an actual eugenic program, but quite the reverse, to make sure that such a race could be kept permanently subordinated in an inferior position, totally subjugated under an elite group of people comprised mainly in the initial instance of people of one religion and a few Gentile nobility, with those Gentile nobility in all probability being intended to be eliminated later once their purpose as a raft into other lands with hijacked military power have been served, just as all interbred royal families are being destroyed and replaced by those more uniquely possessing the specific genomic haplotype of the people behind the initial plan for world conquest.

    This newly-created interbred race is statedly intended to have the collective mental capacity and instincts of the worker bee, to serve an elite race who will not be interbreeding themselves with those that they have controlled to interbreed to form the new slave race. Study the words of the recent Jewish French leader Sarkozy, who stated that miscegenation is not merely a matter of choice, but an imperative for the French people, one that if not acted on by the French people fast enough, will result in additional measures being taken by the state to ensure that such an imperative is physically acted on by the French people (just like farm animals – the controlled UN has officially stated that even by 2025, 150 million people from Africa and the ME must be integrated into Europe, with hundreds of millions intended for elsewhere, like in the USA. So we are being bred out of existence like mere farm animals by this ‘elite people’.

    When you read the words of Marx, Trotsky and Lenin, you will see that they meant to literally handicap all people that they take over by initially slaughtering the best and brightest in each people who might still be capable of self-determination and by using other means of selective culling through various surreptitious means. Most countries have ongoing programs serving this agenda today. The Bolsheviks who were controlled almost exclusively by one people alone stated that they would ‘reduce the Russian intelligentsia to the level of idiocy’, and the general population of the Russian people themselves ‘to the level of animal existence’. That is not eugenics or any intended form of emancipation, but quite the reverse.

    This is intended to be done as far as if possible without detracting from the ability of the created slave race to serve as menial slaves.

    Eugenic is clearly a misnomer in this circumstance. The intended purpose of the term eugenic would be better served by the term dysgenic, or malgenic, meaning an actual intention to harm the genome of other peoples, not enhance them. To be encouraged to frown upon the true intentions of eugenics, which are the entirely natural intentions of all other species in the entire world, is to fall into a trap of suicidal ideation that has been purposely created in order for that to be maliciously foisted upon us.

    In Israel, people have to have been able to pass genetic tests to prove that they are Jews (not possible, will say those who think they ‘know’), in order to be able to gain Israeli citizenship as Jews, or to be able to marry in Israel to any Jewish person, these are all official laws, check it out. David Duke has written about all the facts detailing all the legislation to prove this, and that is eugenics being practiced by the Jews in Israel themselves, whilst they tell us that to practice eugenics or to endorse that practice amongst the various Gentile peoples around the world is clearly ‘race hate’ or ‘prejudice’.

    Lindeman, an intimate Jewish associate of Winston Churchill throughout WWII also believed in the policy of Count Coudenhove Kalergi, that the Gentile white-skinned peoples must be made to disappear by interbreeding (or simple extermination), saying that the white man will abdicate his position.

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