What makes Virutron so effective?

The electrical pulses that are coming out from Virutron are more than enough to neutralize all types of microbial, bacterial, fungal and viral infections in the bloodstream, on demand.

This means that the user need not know what specific type of parasitic infection one has to deal with. Virutron neutralizes them all!

Experts are fully aware that when the blood is freed from all types of infections, some 2000 types of neuropeptides are regenerated again, among which is interferon and interleukin. When this happens, the full recovery of the auto-immune system is achieved.

So, when does prior protection from a biochemical concoction needed when any viral infection can be electrified at will?

Why do we have to rely on toxic chemicals in dealing with infections when all of the latter can be electrocuted even without prediagnostic procedures?

The use of toxic chemicals may mask the symptoms temporarily, but they overload the liver and kidneys, which make the whole exercise counterproductive and may instead aggravate the underlying infection and agony over time.