What diseases are cured through the use of Virutron?

The proper use of Virutron antiviral device will lead to the full recovery of the autoimmune system. When this happens all diseases that the autoimmune and regenerative systems are capable of rectifying are subsequently eliminated.

Virutron neutralizes parasites in the blood. Water dilution helps the removal of toxic chemicals. When the full energy of the body is focused more on the healing process rather than on combating the infections, full remission is not too far behind.

So, it is not the device per se that will cure you directly, but as a matter of consequence of the full elimination of the root causes of the disease, i.e. parasites and toxic chemicals, the body has enough intelligence to cure itself from all of its maladies. It just need a little help when the autoimmune system is effectively defeated by the onslaught of parasitic infections.

Simply put, the main function of Virutron is to tip the balance in favor of the autoimmune system.

Symptoms like headache, high blood pressure, low energy levels, insomnia, etc. are effectively eliminated together with the main root causes of the disease, chemical intoxication or parasitic infection.