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We have grown to accept the sad reality that while the healthcare industry is ever expanding in size and costs, the quality of services continually suffers from the absence of real scientific approach. There seems to be a coordinated silence against discoveries that would end the use of biochemical approaches in medicine.

In November 2017, the Philippine Statistics Authority reported that:

  • The country’s total health expenditures grew from Php 593 billion in 2015 to Php 655 billion in 2016 or by 10.5 percent at current prices. The contribution to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was at 4.5 percent;
  • Household-out-of pocket payment (OOP) posted Php 342 billion or 54.2 percent of CHE in 2016, followed by government schemes and compulsory contributory; health care financing schemes at Php 216 billion or 34.2 percent;
  • Hospitals, specifically general hospitals were the recipients of OOP at Php 259 billion or 41.1 percent;
  • Pharmacies came in second to general hospitals at Php 173 billion(27.5 percent), followed by providers of preventive care at Php 53.3 billion(8.5 percent).

At PHP 655 billion expense in 2016, cancer cure is still not in their sight. The increase in HIV infections continue to mock the government’s effort to provide better healthcare for all.

Sadly, the total out of pocket [OOP] of PHP 342 billion from the household sector, the highest of all expenditures, should have gone to better options to ensure the entire family of protection against viral infections at all times. Obviously, that is not the case.

We cannot simply ignore the recent unfolding of events at the national level, where so-called experts are blaming each other about their collective culpability in the harmful mass vaccination of 830,000 children in the country, that essentially compelled us to take this concrete action to make this technology available now.

It’s high time for the limitations hounding the healthcare industry to be rectified for good. Its unfettered use of toxic chemicals to poison the microbes, as well as the healthy cells, and the deliberate injection of live “attenuated” virus to force the immune system to produce the necessary antibodies against it, are not the best option available to protect the body from harmful and deadly viral infections.

This is where you come in.

We cannot do this alone. We tried to inform even those whom we perceived to be so passionate about helping the poor victims of the highly destructive mass immunization prior to the 2016 presidential elections, yet played for deaf and blind to the wiser solution that we have presented.

This means that we must act together because nobody else will do this for the people, especially the victims.

Welcome Patriotic Affiliates!

Earn 10% of gross sales while doing your patriotic work of informing the mass vaccination victims and their families about the most effective way of dealing with all viral infections today!

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